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Join us for snorkeling Lembongan tour to the shallow, inner, coral reefs located at Famous Lembongan Island.

Snorkeling Lembongan Tour Activity

Snorkeling Lembongan Tour Activity with Mangrove Stop Lembongan is the best way to discover the beauty of the world beneath the crystal waters. It is also safe, fun, and easy even if you can’t swim very well. Experience the oceanic magic that few ever see including the unusual and beautiful creatures which hidden in the watery shadows that amaze and delight you much. Anyone can join in on the fun regardless of age and skill as our various snorkeling Lembongan tour activity programs available to cater for the non-swimmer, beginner up to advanced snorkeler.

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If you in Bali cash payment can be accepted, Payment you give to the driver before we start the tour, for booking more than 3 day need to give us deposit 50% from the total price

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Best deals ever you find & guarantee friendly services, Mangrove Stop Lembongan want to show you this paradise as our priority to make you feels happy and fun during your trip in Lembongan island.

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