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Experience untainted natural beauty, peace, and tranquility beyond your imagination through our Mangrove Tour Lembongan.

Mangrove Tour Lembongan

Taking a romantic stroll with your loved one deep in the jungle, enjoy the sun’s rays peering through the mangrove leaves, and amazed by trees humming with life and the soft sound of small marine animals splashing in the water. You will be definitely transported into a world of peace and tranquility. Mangroves tour Lembongan is not only congenial for holidays but also gives you a glimpse of the ecosystems and awareness to mangrove impact on the environment. What a dreamy experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

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If you in Bali cash payment can be accepted, Payment you give to the driver before we start the tour, for booking more than 3 day need to give us deposit 50% from the total price

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Best deals ever you find & guarantee friendly services, Mangrove Stop Lembongan want to show you this paradise as our priority to make you feels happy and fun during your trip in Lembongan island.

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